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Operation of a Consulate

A Consulate can:

- Provide a (safe conduct) travel document in the event of loss of passport and having to return to Cape Verde urgently.

- Provide the information they need on their arrival to the country they visit: interpreters, lawyers, translators, companies, hospitals, doctors, schools...

- Go to the Cape Verdean are detained in prison, helping them to contact with their families, company, company of insurance or Bank in Cape Verde to generate the resources required.

A Consulate cannot:

- Making functions of an agency travel.

- Get a job abroad.

- Guarantee in hospital or in prison treatment better than that granted to nationals of the country.

- Endorse you or lend him money.

- Make your personal disposal to act as interpreter, guide or assistant social.

Is important to be aware, before leaving the national territory, a Consulate can do for you.