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Travel recommendations

These recommendations have no binding effect and operate as a mere warning or advice.

For a safer journey, is recommended:

- Provide the necessary documentation prior to departure: roundtrip tickets, passport, visa and travel insurance to be broadest possible possible.

- Which always keep in mind that constitutes an inescapable obligation to any person who travels abroad to respect the laws of other countries, which in many cases, differ substantially from the caboverdianas laws. This recommendation is especially important in what refers to the possession, consumption and trafficking of drugs (including alcohol in some countries).

- To prevent the theft or loss of your personal documents and their tickets travel.

- To take note of the phone and address of the Embassy or Consulate in Cape Verde in the country proposed visit.

- In the event of arrest, immediately ask local authorities such circumstance shall be communicated to his consulate.

- In the case of long stays register at the Consular Office.

- To remember that a Honorary Consulate only performs functions of urgent and immediate assistance.